How do I book a shoot with you?

You can book a session via email or phone. We will happily answer your questions before you book. To book a session we require a non-refundable deposit. Your deposit holds the shoot date, and if for any reason we need to reschedule we will allow you to reschedule one time before a charge of $50 will be incurred for additional rescheduling. This is necessary to insure we are able to schedule for ourselves and other clients.

What do I expect after I book a session?

After you book we begin planning your shoot depending on your desired look or deadlines. We have a dynamic studio in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. And we love to shoot on location as well, winter or summer.

What should I wear?

Prioritize your wardrobe based on the “feel” you are going for, and the locations you want. We prefer solid colors, and layers with contrasting textures. If you are shooting with a group, family, etc, coordinate your outfits and consider your placement in photos. Who will be standing next to whom in which shots? Feel free to contact us for advice. Definitely plan ahead and layout clothing to help you decide. For maternity, seniors and professional portraits, we recommend having several outfits on hand.

How long is a session?

A typical session is up to 60 minutes. For on location photography we shoot up to 2 hours. And depending on weather we could do something different entirely. Be sure to inquire at the time of booking.

Do you retouch images?

We touch up images for minor blemishes and to optimize color, contrast, and lighting. We use a minimalistic approach to editing, however we can offer more in depth editing services depending on the desired output of your shoot.

Do I get digital copies of my images?

You will receive a web-sized version of any images you purchase a la carte, or you may purchase higher resolution photos for your family archives from our digital a la carte menu. For commercial clients, you will receive the high-resolution digital file to use in your company publications and websites.

What rights do I have to my photos?

Your rights are outlined at the time of your shoot. The photographer holds the copyright to your images, as the creator of the work. We do not allow you to scan or alter your printed images in any way. Please recognize that the photographer has chosen to create your image in a particular way. These choices are protected under the digital copyright act.

What all types of sessions do you offer?

We offer beauty and stylized portraiture from maternity, birth, family and milestones, senior portraits, engagement, wedding, and corporate head shots. Thank you for your interest!